Born in Rovigo in 1995, Luca Guidarini is a composer, musicologist, and sound director.

Luca’s music deals with the relationships between the technological means, the musicians, and the performance itself, and it has been performed in festivals such as Biennale Musica di Venezia, Music Biennale Zagreb, Crossroads Festival (Salzburg), Traiettorie (Parma), IMPULS (Graz), Kontaktas (Vilnius), among others. His musicological research focuses on music theory and compositional techniques of composers and performers of the late XXth and XXIst Century and presented at institutions like McGill University (Montreal), IRCAM (Paris), KUG (Graz), Inter Arts Center (Malmö). He is part of the research groups DALM (Dialogic approaches on living music) of the University of Pavia, and RiSME DIGITALI (Ricerche sulla storia della musica elettroacustica) of the SIdM (Società Italiana di Musicologia).

Luca is a member of the ensemble Collettivo_21 as sound director and composer.

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